Included with your Pre-Designed "RefreshItNow" webiste is:

  • Your Logo or Brand
  • Map and/or Directions to Location
  • Editable Text Areas
  • Editable Photo Areas
  • Editable Shop Tour
  • Editable Photo Gallery
  • Editable Custom Banner Ad
  • Editable Contact Us Photo with Email links
  • Translator to Spanish, French, or other
  • Additional Social Networking
  • Unique Design from Your Logo and Colors
  • Up to 15 Additional Pages
  • Custom Forms
  • Responsive Design to handheld devices
  • Multiple Body Shop Locations
  • Google Analytics
  • Email accounts with your domain name


For as little as .55 cents a day, or $16.66 a month when purchase for a year at $200. (Otherwise $20 per month). Now that’s affordable.

Pricing Goes Down-- Not Up (over time)

You may update to a new look at any time for no charge while hosting on our server. If you keep the same look the second year, your second year’s hosting fee will be cut 10% of the previous year (just $180 when paid annually). Do the math. Each year that you keep the same look, the site costs you 10% less than the previous year (3rd year $162; 4th year $145.80, and etc.).

No contracts or signed agreements. You don't pay until the sites is fully functional and you may terminate the service at any time.

Your "Refresh It Now" pre-designed site will not be license to another client within 100 miles of your business. You may add on features with modest pricing to make your "Refresh It Now" Pre-Designed Site unique.

Call us at 248-762-5909 for more details.